What’s the Common Core and How Will It Affect My Child?

For the past several years, parents have been getting used to the testing and state standards that have been set forth by the No Child Left Behind Act. Yet, even with these standards and accountability measures, the US still doesn’t come close to being in the top ten countries as far as student test scores in math and science worldwide. As a result of these scores and as is common in the field of education, change has come to the federal requirements for curriculum taught in US schools. The Common Core Curriculum Initiative is a national curriculum that is research based and should help our students to be more competitive in the world market as well as in the job market within the US. However, most parents and students don’t fully understand what the common core is and how it will help students in the future.
The common core is a national curriculum — Most countries, including all those in the top ten nations scoring best on math and science tests, have an integrated national curriculum. This type of curriculum helps students to maintain their progress regardless of where in the nation they live and gives the national educational testing body a means to compare “apples-to-apples” when it comes to student scores. All testing will be done on a national level using tests that are highly comparable if not the same. By using this type of testing, teachers, administrators, and other educational researchers will have a means to judge student achievement on a level, balanced field. The common core is significantly more rigorous than previous curriculum – While most people would agree that a rigorous curriculum is good for students, the amount of rigor and the level of expectations that will be tested are going to be a big change for most students and parents.
While in the past, students have received a curriculum in response to the idea of “no child left behind”. The focus of the new curriculum is “readiness for career and college”. While it is understood that not all children will want to go to college, the new curriculum will expect students to have the skills to manage college level material. The bottom line for parents and students is that children will be expected to work harder and be responsible for more difficult work that is set at the median level.
The common core will better prepare children for work and college — The main focus of the common core is to prepare students for college and careers by creating a level of minimum proficiency that will allow students to be competitive in a world market. The current curriculum attempts to set all students up to succeed through making the expectations achievable for the largest number of students in the system. While this is a good system to help many students succeed at some level, it actually works against making students competitive in a world market. The common core, through its rigor and focus on higher order skills, will push students to function at higher levels both cognitively and in their skills.
The common core gives children the skills they need to survive in the 21st century – It is no secret that many students who have come out of school in the past few years haven’t had the skills to survive in the job world. While most of today’s students are familiar and comfortable with technology, there are still skills that need to be formally taught so that they can keep up with technology as it changes. One of the skills the common core teaching children in regard to technology is how to learn and adapt when technology changes. What we teach our students today will be “old school” in five years or less so we can’t expect what they learn today to be applicable in the job world.
Our students do, however, need to know how to learn how to manage new technology and keep up. It is this skill that the common core focuses on in order to help children grow into capable adults.
The common core will make the US more competitive in the world market – The US doesn’t even crack the top twenty countries as far as math and science scores from our students on a standardized test. What this means is that our students simply can’t compete with students from other countries in these essential areas. The common core, with its concentration on twenty-first century skills and rigor, will help our students become more able in math and science skills that are needed to bring themselves and our country back to a strong position in the world. While it will be difficult at first to get use to thinking in these terms, students will certainly benefit from the added rigor and accountability for their learning.
So, what can parents expect when the common core comes into effect next year? Students will be tested more often and those tests will focus on skills that are less about memorizing facts and more about performing higher-order thinking skills. Many states will tie grade promotion to test scores so students will be held accountable for their performance on the test and for their learning. It is likely that college entrance exams will become more rigorous due to the fact that student will be better prepared coming out of high school to handle college-level work. Students will be expected to be excellent writers and thinkers as well as being able to demonstrate their mastery of both these skills. Parents may find their child working harder, struggling a little more, and being a bit more frustrated with the expectations.
However, in the end, the skills their students will develop will serve them in both in their careers and in their lives as we move fully into the twenty-first century
Sharon Owen is a professional blogger that shares advice on early childhood education and development. She writes for The Learning Experience, child development centers located nationwide that offer child care, day care, kindergarten and preschool.

Software Apps To Help You Win In The Courtroom

In today’s fast-paced legal world, legal apps are becoming more important than ever before, allowing lawyers to check on important information or keep up to date with their caseload, no matter where they may be. These apps can eliminate the need to get back to the office to cite a legal reference or the disaster of being caught unprepared just before an important case.

JuryTracker is an iPad app that is designed to help lawyers keep track of the jury during the court case. Including tools to help improve jury observation, to share notes with other members of the legal team and to quickly look up important information about any given juror, JuryTracker is a must have for any lawyer expecting to argue a case in front of a jury. 
JuryTracker can be especially useful for lawyers who are dealing with cases where complex issues of law or fact are being discussed. It enables the lawyer to easily keep track of those jurors who seem to understand the case and those who the lawyer will have to pay extra attention to in order to ensure that he or she is getting the point across.

Black’s Law Dictionary

Black’s Law Dictionary is the single most important legal reference for practicing lawyers, and the app for Black’s Law Dictionary 9th Edition makes it possible to have the entire dictionary in a convenient, searchable form. Available for all platforms, this app can ensure that a lawyer never has to delay his or her legal work in order to head to the local law library and makes it possible to conduct legal research anywhere the lawyer happens to be. This app also makes talking to clients quite a bit easier, since the lawyer can quickly answer their questions over the phone or via email.


With more and more lawyers keeping much of their legal documentation in electronic form, having a reliable third-party data storage service can be vital to a lawyer’s practice. Not only does Dropbox allow the lawyer to share his or her files between devices while maintaining security, it protects both the lawyer and the client from the disaster of a crashed hard drive or other accidents. Dropbox is especially useful for those lawyers who travel a great deal and who wish to avoid the inconvenience of carrying a large number of hardcopy documents and letters.


In today’s busy world, CallTrack provides invaluable assistance to a lawyer who is trying to keep track of the billable hours based on his or her phone calls. With the ability to easily log outgoing and incoming calls by name and even track missed calls, CallTrack can help ensure that there is no question about how much time a lawyer spent consulting with his or her client over the phone. 
Keeping up with the increasingly fast-paced legal world is a vital part of a lawyer’s duties. By using these apps to help improve his or her workflow, a lawyer can be assured of improving her productivity both inside and outside the courthouse. Not only that, these apps can drastically improve a lawyer’s ability to ensure that his or her client receives the best possible representation.

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Gail Johnson, the author of this post, is an avid blogger and works for Dribbin and Brown, home to the finest traffic lawyers. In his spare time, Gail likes to watch movies on social justice and human rights documentaries.

Three Android Apps For Professional Sound Engineers

It can be very cumbersome to take every tool you own onto every small job. Decibel meters, frequency monitors, and tone generators are a few of those tools that are needed but not necessarily wanted on every job. However, thanks to the proliferation of mobile phones and Android technology, we have the solution for you! Not only can your phone be a simple recorder, but it can now be a decibel meter, frequency monitor/detector, and a tone generator! Here are three apps that can be found on Google Player: Sound Meter, Spectrum Analyzer, and Pro Audio Tone Generator.

Sound Meter

A decibel meter, especially on a simple job, can be irritating to have: it’s a sensitive instrument that needs to be carefully stored, needs to be kept up with, and is non-upgradeable. The ability to have your decibel meter within your smart phone, though, could be a solution to all of those problems. Introducing Sound Meter for Android. Sound Meter is a handy, free app with a 4.3 rating on Google Play. It has a great interface in the shape of a meter and chart that allows you to see real-time decibel levels, and it also allows you to see the chart of them for the past thirty seconds. It is important to keep in mind that, when using your smart phone for this type of application, the microphone inside of your phone is in fact limited to a certain range. It varies by phone, so you may want to check that out.

Pro Audio Tone Generator

The final addition to your digital toolbox should be a tone generator. Being that this is a popular tool (for many reasons), there are quite a few that are competing for your attention. The best one that we have found is Pro Audio Tone Generator. Among the several features that we find in this app that are not available in others is the ability to choose either the left, the right, or both speakers for audio output, instant preset tones on the left for you to immediately choose from without having to roll the dial, and the ability to choose the type of wave (sine, square, etc.). This tool is most commonly used for “ringing out” a room, also known as finding what frequencies will naturally reverberate and thereby cause feedback. Again, this app is much better than only using a phone because you have the ability to send the sound out through the headphone jack to much larger, more powerful speakers.

Spectrum Analyzer

The next tool that every professional sound engineer needs to have migrated from their tool box to their Android phone is the spectrum analyzer. Coincidentally, the next incredibly handy app is aptly titled Spectrum Analyzer. This spectrum analyzer is mostly useful for its visuals. The best parts about this app are its price tag and rating: 4.0 and free. This app should definitely be on the radar of any technician who is on a budget. This app can also be used to detect signals that can interfere with hearing aids and other sensitive audio equipment.
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The author of this post, Wayne Bendtner, works at Autex, a company specializing in manufacturing internal linings. When he is not working, he spends most of his time listening to music or indulging in some jamming sessions with his buddies.

Pack Away Your Stress When You Move Home With These Super Smartphone Apps!

Moving home is right up there with getting married, getting divorced and giving birth, yes…it’s a biggie alright! The statistics say that the average family will move home at least twice in their lives, and each time tends to be a right pain in the ****. Some of us move a lot more frequently and to be honest it never seems to get any easier. The forward planning is supposed to be the way to go, but something inside the typical home owner starts to get a bit crazy when that removal truck rocks up on the big day. So let’s look at a few ways to derail this stress and bring things back in order again. We’re talking about good old fashioned Smartphone Apps here, and both of them have something to offer you for that next move – Enjoy!
Suddath’s Moving Guru By The Suddath Companies – Free https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/suddaths-moving-guru/id391149131?mt=8#ls=1
This App will run on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and requires iOS 5.1 or later for smooth running. Okay, this App is a seriously cool moving guru that feels all of your pain and wants to give you a massive hug all the way through your moving experience. That may get a little annoying after a while, but you’ll see the point in the end. You’ll get a very definitive task list that allows you to start planning 8 weeks before the big date, and that should be enough of a window for even the more list orientated individuals amongst us. You will also get a bunch of tips for picking a moving company, all based on personal recommendations. There are even a few ‘how-to’ videos onboard that will show you exactly how to pack those delicate items that usually get smashed to pieces. The Guru even has some pre-written ‘We’ve Moved’ notifications ready to send to your contacts list. This App rocks and you will love it!
This App will run on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it requires iOS 4.2 or later for smooth running. Moving day has a very smart take on an old favourite – the dreaded box label! When you pack all of your family’s valuable and sentimental possessions into those boxes, how do you know that they’ll all be there when you open them in your new home? This app allows you to make up some pretty accurate labels that work on a bar code system that keeps track of all of the good stuff. You can also take some photos and use the App to email your box contents to any recipient. If the box has been tampered with, simply refer to the label’s bar code and start making enquiries. This really works and any insurance claim will be simplified as a result. It may be taking a harsh look at what can happen when you move, but we prefer the word ‘Realistic’.
All Moved In?   
We’d advise you download both of these Apps before you even start to pack your belongings, they’re cool and they’re both free!
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Amy Rand, the author of this article, is part of the team at, Abacus Self Storage, leading providers of rental storage units in Richmond Hill. She is passionate about tennis and tires to go to as many games as she came.

Get Your Sleeping Habits Back On Track With These Smartphone Apps!

Can you remember the last time that you woke up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world? Do you get irritated by the effortless way your partner seems to be able to fall asleep, before their head even hits the damn pillow? If this is the case, you are probably suffering from a form of Insomnia, along with millions of other individuals out there. This condition is no laughing matter and can lead to a serious group of symptoms if not treated correctly. Anxiety attacks and stress are just a few of the after effects of sleep deprivation, so it’s wise to seek medical help when this condition prevails. You may also benefit from looking at what your lovely Smartphone has to say about this matter. This article reviews a couple of the latest Sleep Aid Apps available on the various Markets right now – Enjoy!
aSleep By Signs Studios – $0.99
This app will run on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it requires iOS 5.0 or later for smooth running. We fell in love with the design of this cool little App as soon as we clapped eyes on the cute little sheep hopping over those sweet little fences, but how good is it really? Well, aSleep have been creating sleep aid Apps for the iOS platform since way back in 2008, and they are proud of this fact! Once you download aSleep, you will have access to 65 high quality soundtracks that include some classic sleep aid features. You’ll get most of the natural tracks here as well as some white noise, various instruments and even some lullabies. If you’re unsure of what track you want to sleep with, simply shake the Smartphone for an instant random shuffle selection! With onboard Retina display support included as well as a nice alarm clock option, we can recommend this App to poor sleepers everywhere.
Baby Sleep Aid by Eiswuxe – Free
This Android App is for the little guys and gals in our lives, and boy do they ever need help at bedtime! Babies are notoriously difficult to deal with in the evening and night time, it would be awesome if we had an on/off button to use. Well, this app has been tested on a myriad of babies and the results look pretty slick indeed. Each soundtrack has been ‘baby tested’ and the reviews so far look very positive. There is a wide choice of soundtracks to choose from and although some of them seem a little ‘out there’ they should do the trick nicely. Even the sound of a hair dryer has been known to convince our little angels to slip off sweetly, so you will be spoilt for choice with the selection on offer. The trick is to allow these tracks to play as background noise whilst your baby is chilling out. Eventually they will focus on one of the soundtracks and start to doze off, that’s the plan anyway!
Sweet Dreams From Your Smartphone!
2 very different Apps that offer all of us some relaxing times  – Enjoy!
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: The author of this post is Will Reily, an employee at CPAPOnly, leading suppliers of CPAP machines. Will loves playing basketball and going to the games on weekends.

Three Apps For Android To Help You Get In Shape

There are thousands of ways that anyone can obtain exercise, but a limited amount of time each day and busy schedules often dictate that we exercise in the most efficient ways possible. In years past, exercise was more common throughout the day due to occupations that required more physical activity and labour, but our increasingly sedentary way of life has led a majority of the population into routines that are not beneficial for cardiovascular activity and strength training. Technology can be a double-edged sword in many respects, but it can also be a beneficial solution to the modern problem we face when it comes to lack of physical activity. Many different mobile applications now exist that can empower users and help them obtain valuable exercise on a daily basis. In the following article, we will cover three of these apps for Android and how each one can help you achieve a better lifestyle.

Runtastic Running & Fitness

When we lived outdoors, and for much of human history, the need for running was a staple of life. Whether you had to traverse long distances or escape a dangerous situation, the ability to run is a sign of proper health and helps keep our bodies in shape. If you have not kept up on your need for cardiovascular activity, then you may benefit from the Runtastic Running & Fitness app. Available for download from Google Play, Runtastic Running & Fitness allows users to track their jogging, running and walking routes via GPS. You can see the amount of time you have been running, your estimated heartbeat, the number of calories burned and the overall distance traversed. These results can be saved and monitored over time to see how much you have progressed. This app is free and can be a great way to encourage proper daily cardiovascular activity.

JEFIT Workout

Anyone who needs assistance with proper form while exercising will appreciate the JEFIT Workout app, available for free via Google Play. Included in the app are hundreds of tutorials for workouts that can tone and strengthen arms, legs, your core and other targeted muscles. Users will be able to record how many reps or laps they do each day and plot their progress via the use of interactive graphs. You can also create customized exercise plans from the hundreds of exercises available in its database. The smart logging system can even be used to decipher when you lift a weight or do a rep, and will automatically log that in the application.

Stretch Exercises

If you want to be primed and ready to exercise, then stretching goes a long way toward proper form and optimal performance. The Stretch Exercises app for Android includes more than fifty unique stretching exercises for your arms, legs, back, shoulders and torso. When running or lifting, it can be easy to damage or pull a muscle if you have not properly warmed up beforehand. With the Stretch Exercises app – available for free via Google Play – you can avoid this fate and use the interactive tutorials and videos to ensure that you will not succumb to this fate.
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Nancy Baker, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger with Fitness Equipment, dealers in exercise bikes and other gym equipment. She enjoys painting and is currently working on her photography skills.

5 Great IPhone Apps For Dance Teachers

In today’s world, it seems that no matter what your career or vocation is technology offers you tools that can help you with your craft. Being a dance teacher is no exception. Smartphone apps have become very popular tools in a variety of professions, and there are plenty that dance instructors can benefit from as well. 
If you are an instructor looking for ways to improve your class, new tools for teaching, or just a great resource for all things dance-related, there are plenty of neat mobile device applications available to you. Here are five excellent apps for iPhone users that every dancer instructor can benefit from and use to take their classes to a new level. 

Coach’s Eye is a fantastic tool that is used by coaches and teachers all over the world. Whether it’s sports or dancing, this app allows you to really offer a lot of great insight to your students when trying to improve their technique. Using this app, you can record your students dancing and then slow down the recording in order to dissect and analyze their technique and movements. It’s great for working with students individually or helping a group of dancers polish up their routine. 
This is a resource that no dance instructor should be without. No matter where you are, this app will help you to find anything you might need. Whether you are looking for the best dancewear stores in your area or you want to take your class to a dance performance and want to see what’s going on in your vicinity, this app can give you the goods. If you are in between jobs and looking for a new studio, this app comes in very handy as well, listing studios big and small in your region of the country. 
When it comes to recitals and competitions, getting your choreography down is serious business. This app will allow you to organize and notate your dancers’ choreography right on your smartphone. Use this app to write out the choreography in eight-count sheets, add music to your choreography via iTunes and share the choreography with your students so that they can study up in between classes. 
If you are a ballet instructor or you want to learn more about ballet, this is the app for you. It’s a dictionary of ballet terms that is not only very extensive, but updated regularly as well. Not only does the app help to define ballet terms, it also helps you pronounce them correctly and teach them effectively. Most of the terms even come with pictures and examples that make it easier to understand the terms so that you can integrate them into your classes easily. 
This is yet another great resource for getting your choreographies in order. Use Dance Journal to keep track of all of your routines and map out all of the steps that you want to include in your upcoming choreographies. The app even allows you to add videos to go along with the written records you are keeping. If you have a lot of different classes and choreographies to work out, this app is a life saver. It’s very well organized and allows you to easily sort the various records you keep of choreographies, steps and exercises in all your classes. 
These five iPhone apps can definitely help any dance teacher to “get a leg up” in class.

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The author of this post is Emma William, a part of the team at AfroLAtino Dance Company, specialists in Latin dance in Toronto. A tech enthusiast, she is always on the lookout for the latest gadgets to hit the marketplace.

Fed Up Of The Usual Office Slops? Try A Technical Slant On An Old Favourite Instead!

No matter how awesome your workplace is, there is always one thing that lets it down, and it’s usually the food. This is why there’s usually an exodus between the hours of noon and 2pm, and sadly this can be detrimental to your productivity levels. Some employees are happier to sit in their cars munching on their sandwiches, whilst others head off to the nearest pub for a beer and some pizza. If this is the case, perhaps you should take another look at how you cater for their basic needs. This article is bringing a few Kickstarter options to your attention. They both offer a more technical alternative to the usual slapdash approach we are used to in our workplaces all over the country.
The biggest problem faced by most office catering outfits is trying to produce quality food on a tight budget. That never really works and at some point a compromise is made, and the food usually becomes a secondary consideration, which really sucks big time! Kinderhook Snacks recognise this major bump in the road and have already received enough funding to make their visionary ethos a reality. They decided to bake their way into the office workers hearts and have produced some of the tastiest cookie creations known to man. Just imagine the smiles on your employees’ faces as these delectable snacks become a daily guilty pleasure. No more limp lettuce sandwiches and you can even suggest some new recipes for these powerhouse bakers. Each and every cookie will be oven fresh and the only thing your fussy workers will have to worry about is whether there are any left for them to munch on!
If you are a bit of a foodie, you probably really enjoy those moments when you bite into something technically delicious and totally yummy. The amount of sheer work and imagination that goes into making a really classic dish is considerable. And then you get the other type of food, usually in the workplace. This is akin to a slightly more expensive version of school dinners. You have to queue a little longer in school, but the end product is the same – Gross! This was the inspiration behind our second Kickstarter project we are featuring. Nomables feel your pain and they have the good stuff ready to offer a scrumptious alternative to crappy office food, and then some! They choose only the best ingredients and have travelled the globe for mouth-watering recipes in a bite sized portion. They have been sized specifically to fit a whole office-sized trolley and have already hit some rave reviews across the country. The great news is that Nomables have already hit their funding target and should be an office favourite before too long. If they are not available in your office at the time of reading this article, check out the link and see why the heck not! They’ll add a serious spring to your employees’ step and certainly make your workplace a lot happier!
Happy Lunchbreaks!  
They say the way to a happy office worker’s heart is via their stomachs, so do the decent thing and check out these two bad boys right away!
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The author of this post is Travis, a part of the team at Commercial Space Toronto, providers of industrial property for sale in Toronto. A tech enthusiast, he is always on the lookout for the latest gadgets to hit the marketplace.

Three Great E-Books For Honing Your Fitness And Swimming Skills

While many people live within a short distance of a beach or body of water, many never bother to learn the proper techniques and styles that any good swimmer possesses. This can lead to incidents where individuals find themselves in dangerous aquatic situations or lack the proper skills to enjoy summertime fun with their friends. Nobody wants to be caught in this situation, nor does anyone want to remain perpetually unfit. Swimming is one of the best ways to release stress, burn calories and build muscle – all without having to engage in a high-impact form of exercise. Various classes exist to help individuals with fitness and swimming skills, but some people prefer to learn at their own pace and do so via technology. Below, we will outline three e-books available for download from Google Play that can be used to learn more about proper swim techniques and how to get the maximum amount of health benefits from it.

The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Swimming

Many people may want to use swimming pools and aquatic exercise as a way to get into shape, but some swimmers also work out for the sole purpose of being able to swim even better than before. Nobody wants to run out of energy or endurance while in the water, so it is important that both your upper and lower body are prepared for any situation. The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Swimming e-book is a fantastic way to learn more about the various types of exercises that can be used to strengthen your body and get into great shape for the pool. Inside its pages are descriptions and details for more than 100 different swimming-related workouts that can help you build mass and burn fat. Currently available for just $10, this e-book may be the perfect way to begin optimizing your swimming skills and to get in shape.

Mastering Swimming

The proper techniques can make the difference between an ineffective and dangerous swimming workout and an optimal routine that benefits both your body and mind. The Mastering Swimming e-book on Google Play can be a vital resource for those who want to ensure that their swimming techniques are on-par. Renowned coaches Mo Chambers and Jim Montgomery have come together in order to create this excellent resource, which covers stroke instruction, freestyle and breaststroke techniques, as well as workout plans for competition and fitness-related activities. You can download the Mastering Swimming e-book for just $10 from Google Play.

Fitness Swimming

If you want to combine proper techniques with maximum fitness, then you must check out the Fitness Swimming e-book, currently available for $10 via Google Play. Readers will be able to find dozens of different training programs that walk you through each exercise and explain just how and why each one is beneficial to your body. Whether you want to build upper body strength or shed a few pounds, there are multiple routines available in this e-book to help you achieve your goals. Even if you are a beginner, Fitness Swimming is an excellent aid and one that you will benefit from with commitment and willpower.
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The writer of today’s post, Abbey Brooks, works with Open Aire, a company offering custom building design solutions. She enjoys playing the piano when she gets free. Click here to know more about her company.

How To Fit Technology With Your Overall ‘Look’

There was a time when technology was considered bulky, cumbersome and ugly. The image that we had in mind when we thought of ‘technology’ was normally of a big desktop PC and it certainly wasn’t glamorous (even if they do have something of a ‘retro cool’ now).
But today all that has changed. It started with the iPod, but since then it has spread throughout the entire industry. Technology is now smaller, sleeker and sexier – and flaunting your iPad or your Surface Pro is now the in-thing to do. In short, technology is now an accessory in the same way that your jewellery is. So how are you going to make it work as part of your overall image?
The Overarching Vision
Of course the best way to make your technology more personalised and more stylish is to use cases, decals and generally anything that can add some colour or style to the usual shiny black plastic. This will make your item stand out and show that you’ve put thought into it, which will make it instantly more impactful and cooler.
But just sticking any old cover on your phone isn’t going to cut it. If you really want to make your technology stand out, then you need to think about the overarching vision and you need to think about how it all fits into your grand plan.
Instead then, think about the kinds of clothes you normally wear, your watch and critically the bag your technology is going to go in. My laptop has a beautiful coffee coloured leather case, and this works perfectly with the brown leather bag giving my technology a studious and aged feeling. This wouldn’t work nearly so well if I had a silver watch and a black bag. Of course you can always take this further by having multiple cases and decals for different occasions.
Think about your clothes, your jewellery and everything else – and then tie it all in.
The Customisation
Of course it’s also possible to customise the actual technology itself in a number of ways, and you might choose to do this by changing the themes, by altering the wallpaper etc.
Whatever you decide to do though, you should think about how it all fits in. Some decals you can buy online will even come with a background to match – so that it looks like your entire device is encase in stars and the text is glowing through them. Alternatively you could feature your other accessories in your customisation. How about a wallpaper that’s a high definition image of the ring you’re wearing? Amazing attention to detail will really win you points here.
The Device
You also need to think about the device itself and what it says about you. Are you a technology fiend who wants an obscure device running Linux? Are you an arty type who loves Apple? Or are you a business executive who wants to work on something sleek and black from Microsoft?
Your technology is part of your identity these days in the same way jewellery is – so give it the thought it deserves.
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The author of this post, Ryan Hall, has a keen interest in technology and resorts to guest blogging to share his thoughts and reviews. He is part of the team at Lior Diamonds, providers of fancy colored diamonds in Chicago.