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6 Fun Mobile Apps for Teaching Music to Children

Teaching children about music at an early age is beneficial for developing their senses. Whether they are budding musicians or just want to casually play some games, the skills can be handy in the future. To help choose your educational tools, here are 6 fun mobile apps for teaching music to children:

1. Circadia

The Circadia app is a musical puzzle game that is sure to entertain the entire family while teaching your children about timing. To play the game, you have to make the color bursts converge onto the white dots to complete a musical sequence. With 100 puzzles, the game has lots to offer.
A feature that you may find appealing is that the game does not offer a social media option. The lack of social media options means that the app is completely kid-friendly.

2. DJ Mix Pro Kids

If you want to create your own tunes with your children while teaching them about music, the DJ Mix Pro Kids app has plenty to share. Children can sing, play instruments, use a scratching disc, add beats, and even record the mix on iPads. The app also allows for common nursery songs to be remixed to your liking. Once everything is completed, you can share the music with friends and family through social media websites.

3. Classroom KinderBach

The Classroom KinderBach mobile app is an excellent way to teach your children how to play piano. The app includes 30 lessons, printable content, and mini-games to help your children learn about key positioning and lettering, timing, patter recognition, and more. Beyond the lessons, many children also enjoy the activities and friendly characters.

4. Pluto Learns Piano

Pluto Learns Piano is an musical app that stars a penguin named Pluto. In the game, users have to make Pluto hit the correct notes to create music and earn stars. However, if you do not want to play the game, there is also a free-play piano children can use. It is a fun app, although the difficulty may be more frustrating for children under 4.

5. Make Me Music

The Make Me Music mobile app is excellent for children between 2 to 5 years of age. With whimsical designs, 24 instruments, and background tunes, the app is entertaining and beautiful. With so many combinations to work with, the app will easily provide your children with hours of entertainment. The app also allows parents to save the music for their own enjoyment or send it to friends and family.

6. AtPlayMusic Recorder

The AtPlayMusic Recorder mobile app helps children master the basics of playing recorder while also learning more about the instrument. While learning to play the recorder with a character named Mr. Noteworthy, another fun element of the app is that children can customize their own avatars.

Whether or not your children excel in music when they are older does not mean that you cannot create beautiful memories now using these 6 fun mobile apps for teaching children music.

Sam Jones, the author, has been researching the top 10 apps in every genre for work and is amazed at the incredible options available.

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